How to know you need a car SERVICE

Getting your car serviced keeps everything running smoothly and gives a mechanic the chance to check the overall health of your car, making sure there’s no rust, wearing parts or anything likely to cause you trouble.

A full health check ensures your vehicle is kept in tip-top condition and keeps you going where you’re going.

A local mobile car mechanic can come to your home and service your vehicle at a time that suits you, rather than having to drop your car off at a garage all the work can be done from your driveway or parking space.


Car service tip #1 Strange sounds

Any knocking, ticking or a sound that doesn’t sound like it usually is a bit of a giveaway that something that isn’t quite right. If the noise gets louder or intensifies in any way you should pull over as soon as safe and call your local mobile mechanic.

For less bothersome noises like a little rattling or clicking, just book in to have a service done at your convenience. Any strange noise should always be followed up with a call to your local mobile mechanic as soon as possible, minimising damage and saving you money in the long run.


Car service tip #2 Brakes feel different

Brakes become less and less effective over time, they’re easily the most important safety feature of your car and should always be checked over meticulously and by a certified mechanic. If you are finding you have to put your foot down sharper or harden this is a good indicator that your car needs a service. This happens for two reasons, your brake pads are worn and need replacements or you’re leaking brake fluid. 

If this carries in for too long the car will be unsafe, as of such if your brakes are ever failing it’s always best to call a local mobile mechanic to come out to assess the problem and get you travelling safely again, it’s not worth risking your brakes completely failing on your way to the garage.


Car service tip #3 Dripping any liquid

You’ll be happy to hear that some puddles under the car are totally harmless, from air-con puddles to condensation drops from the exhaust to just British rain and weather.

However, where things get worrying is if the liquid is coloured. Brown oily liquid or other dark liquid puddles are a major warning sign, you could be leaking brake fluid, which means your brakes could fail, or even power starting fluid, meaning you’ll have little control over the vehicle. If this is the case and you find a puddle like this the best thing to do is call a local mobile mechanic to come to you, rather than to risk the drive.

All certified local mobile mechanics will have the tools and qualifications to get you back on the road safely and service your vehicle fully.


Car service tip #4 Dashboard warning lights

This is the ultimate tell that your car needs a service to keep her in good running and safe condition.

A lot of modern cars will literally have a light-up word that yells SERVICE or a little more subtle, there will be a scanner icon on the dashboard. 

It’s important to pay attention to these warning lights, sometimes they’ll pop up after a certain amount of miles, but a lot of the time they appear in the dashboard when something has gone wrong in the engine or the body or the vehicle and triggered the light. For this reason, it’s important to pay attention to these little lights and when they do pop on to call up your local mechanic and get the car serviced. 

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Services are often overlooked until problems become worse, it’s always best to get your car serviced as soon as a fault appears. Calling a local mobile mechanic to come and service your car at your home saves you time and money, they’ll come to your location at a time that suits you and carry out the work there and then.