Top 5 things you should always have in your car 

So there are 5 little things that you will always be happy to have in your car when you need them and regret not having them if you run into trouble on the backroads of Buckinghamshire or in an emergency. No, we’re not chatting about the disregarded Maccy D’s chips or pile of trash in your side door that we’re all guilty of.

This shortlist of essentials will keep you running or help others when you’re out there driving, dealing with unseen obstacles, flats, or mechanical emergencies. While all you city drivers aren’t too far from a mechanic or calling a mobile mechanic to you, when you’re on the back roads of Amersham, Chesham or Little Chalford or on a road trip, it’s always a great idea to double-check you’ve got this list of supplies to hand.


Item #1 of our 5 things you need in your car

The owner manual, the source of all the info you’re going to need if your car starts playing up or have to change a tire. This handy little booklet contains all your important information, from your recommended fuel type to your tyre pressure limits. Every car should have this kicking about in the glovebox, keep it there and keep it on hand. This little booklet can be a literal lifesaver in a pinch! If you want a detailed version of this booklet you can always rely on Haynes to give you all the info you could possibly need.


Item #2 of our 5 things you need in your car

A set of jumper cables, we’ve all been there, you leave the lights on, the interior lights on, or it’s a cold day and your battery is flatter than a wafer-thin pancake, the car cranks and makes that noise we all dread, the click click click and no start. For some reason, it’s always when we’ve got to be somewhere on time, to work, a wedding, or to pick up the kids! If you flag down a friendly driver and you have a set of jumper cables you’ll be able to connect the batteries and breath some life back into your car. Before you buy a set check your engine size and get the corresponding cables. You can grab a pair from Halfords for any car up to a 1.8L but for anything bigger you’ll want this hefty pair.


Item #3 of our 5 things you need in your car

An electric or foot-powered tyre pump. We’ve all been there, you go to drive off, the car doesn’t feel right, you hop out and find you’ve got a flat, you’re now stuck, usually in the cold and rain too! If you have one of these pumps in your car however you may be able to get enough air into the tyre to get you to a garage safely, it’s either that or bell up the mobile mechanic to get a fresh tyre, or whip out the spare tyre and change her over. Screwfix have a great range of pumps, from double-barreled foot pump or a 12v RAC one.


Item #4 of our 5 things you need in your car

This might actually be the most important one, it could even save a life! A first aid kit, safety first right. This is one of those little things that are super important to have but you hope you never have to use. Your kit should contain bandages, scissors, and all the standard medical stuff you might need, not just for yourself, but for other road users, if you stumble upon an accident you will definitely be happy you have one of these kits on hand. You can get a full first aid kit from Life Safety Online it has everything you could possibly need as mentioned before, it might just save your or someone’s life!


Item #5 of our 5 things you need in your car

So the final item on our list of essentials is seasonal but still a total must-have! The humble Ice-scraper, it’ll get you going quickly and make your journey safe. If you have ever had to wait 10 minutes for your windscreen to defrost using the blower or had to whip out the credit card to scrape the ice off you’ll know just how essential this cheap little bit of kit is. You can pick up one of these little gadgets at nearly every petrol garage ever, so do yourself a favour and pick one of these up the next time you have to fill up.

Of course, for any major emergencies in or around Amersham and the surrounding areas, you can always call us for free and impartial advice.